Here are the Top 3 Winners:

Rank-1 : Researcherrr - Aniket Ram

Rank-2 : AI Mailer - Subham Kumar

Rank-3 : Nobelmailer - Shilpa Kamnam

Congratulations to the winners, we willcontact you soon .

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What to Submit

Problem Statement: "Participants have to develop an automated system that sends recommendations email to users using SMTP and fetch research papers from sites like IEEE , Springler websites and send it to user, based on their interests."


1. User can register and provide their interests

2. User will get weekly emails

3. System will be able to mail automatically

4. User can configure their interests

5. System will ensure timely delivery of relevent content.

Your application must function as :

-->> Initially, the user will register on the website and choose their preferred topic recommendations.

-->>  Subsequently, the user's information will be stored on the server .

-->> The system will then retrieve research papers based on the user's selections.

-->>  Finally, the user will automatically receive emails containing research papers on a weekly basis.

We hope this explanation is helpful. Thank you and best regards.



 Tasks:  Make a working prototype of the application based on the problem statement .  


  • Submissions can consist of products with interfaces that can be demoed, or they can consist of contract code that can be effectively deployed on Futurenet or in standalone mode.  Just make sure your video demo does a good job explaining what your submission does and how it works.

  • Your code repository must be public, and must include an open-source license.

  • All submissions must be created during the timeframe of the hackathon. 

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Judging Criteria

  • Functionality & Purpose
    Are you solving an existing problem? How scalable is the application? Can it be used in other regions, or can it be used by more than one type of audience? Is it an application that would encourage a user to use it more than once for its benefits?
  • Documentation
    Is the submission description complete and easy to read? Does the code have comments that explain what's going on? Project must include instructions on how others can contribute in file on GitHub and must have a license.
  • Creativity
    Project takes an original approach to a problem. Solution effectively alleviates, solves, or helps the problem it is designed to solve.
  • Design
    Design is accessible, well thought out, demonstrates smart design choices, and is user-friendly.

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